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Expansion Box

Expansion Box

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The UniBox expands UniGo 5005, 6005 or 8005 and allows a large number of basic and advanced sensors to be connected to the system. If more sensors are needed – another UniBox can be added.

To prepare the UniBox for the future, it has been made as flexible as possible. All known sensors can be connected, and with future software updates, it should also be ready for future sensors or even your own custom sensors.

Enables one-cable Systems: Yes

Sensor inputs: RPM, 4 x temperature*, trigger/speed*, 4 x Flex, power in and out

Accelerometer: Yes, 3-axis built-in

Gyroscope: Yes, 3-axis built-in

Trigger: Magnet, infrared, active loop, MYLAPS X2 2-way link**

Speed input: One or two* wheel sensors

Temperature Inputs: Four*. Auto detect PT1000 or thermocouple

Flex inputs: Four flexible inputs capable of handling two analog signals, digital, or communication. Either 3.3V or 5V supply to external sensors

CAN communication: Yes, on Flex D

Support Custom Sensors: Power supply 3.3V or 5V. Analog input range of either 0 – 2.5V or 0 – 5.5V

Logging speed: 1 – 60 Hz

Casing: Lightweight plastic

Waterproof: Yes

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