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Daniel Astill
Firstly, I'd like to wish everyone a Happy New Year, and a great 2014 season, Looking back over the last 12 months and thinking about it all, 2013 turned out to be quite a good year for Kartune, we'd like to continue this over the next year and invite you along the way, welcome to the new and improved website, with regular updates and a bit of basic insite into what we actually do, as always we will be kicking off the season at the TVKC January Club meeting this weekend at PF International. We will be open with a large selection of spares and tyres for Rotax classes. Anything you need don't hesitate to pop in.
A little bit about us...
Kartune Motorsport are, fully registered sealing agents for both Rotax and Comer engines, as well as being specialists in KF2 & KF3, the 60cc Iame Gazelle cadet class and the KGP class. With many years of expirence and working closely with some of the greatest and most sucessful engine tuners of all time, Bob Astill of Kartune has been practising his craft for almost 20 years now and still continues to produce competitive race engines.
At Kartune, we offer a wide varity of services for the general karter, some of these include kart preperation, chassis alignment, axel cleaning, aswell as providing a large amount of spares and products, these include Xeramic products, we also sell Mojo and Dunlop tyres, for the Rotax Senior and Junior classes and the Iame/Comer Cadet classes.
​​Here at Kartune we strive to make sure we can offer you the best service possible, with helpful advice and a large quanity of spares and products kept in stock at all times, we do our best to deliver first class, honest service, we do our best to maintain conpetitive prices and offer services to improve your performance without breaking the bank.